Friday night feel-good flow and relaxation

Friday 17 January, 7.30-9pm, at Notley yoga Centre (Blackley Lane, Braintree CM77 7QW). £12 – to book, contact me on 07816474096 or

At a time of the year when our energy can be quite low, come and join me for this uplifting flow class, designed to help you unwind from the week – and to ward off those January blues! We will move in a mindful way, synchronising breath with movement, and incorporating heart-opening poses to invigorate the body and mind. The class will end with a guided relaxation, so you can leave feeling fully relaxed yet refreshed for the weekend. Suitable for all levels. 

Yoga and Anxiety

Friday 10 January, Saturday 15 February, Friday 13 March, Friday 17 April, 7.30 – 9pm, at Notley Yoga Centre (Blackley Lane, Braintree CM77 7QW). £12 – to book, visit Notley Yoga.

In this yoga class specifically designed for people dealing with high levels of stress, I will share my personal experience of living with anxiety, and explain how my yoga practice has helped alleviate the physical anxiety symptoms (chest pain, palpitations, breathing difficulties and dizziness) as well as helping me stay relaxed during challenging situations.

Anxiety and stress affects most people at some point in their lives, but for an increasing number of people, chronic stress and anxiety have a debilitating effect on their day-to-day lives. Anxiety wreaks havoc on the mind and body, leaving sufferers tired, tense, fearful and completely overwhelmed.

In this busy and hectic world where we are permanently ‘switched on’, it’s important we make time to be still, to reconnect our minds with our bodies. Through yoga and relaxation we can slow the body down, release the mind from its habitual tendencies, and rediscover our true potential

In the Yoga and Anxiety workshops we will explore practical methods to calm the mind and nervous system through gentle breathing exercises, yoga postures and guided relaxation. You will go away with the tools to help manage your anxiety at home, work, school or university.

All welcome, including teenagers and young adults.